Evangelization, Laity & Family Apostolate School of Discipleship & Bible Education – Events and Details

Chairman: Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Vianney Fernando
Director: Rev. Fr. Roy Clarence


Vision for the diocese is A new way of being Church through participatory and evangelizing Church. And its mission is faith formation of the lay faithful through the basic ecclesial communities. The methodology of evangelization is to bear witness to Christ. His Lordship laid a strong foundation for the Diocesan lay and family apostolates which were established for the formation of lay faithful. They provide the infra-structure for the AsIPA methodology, formation of all lay movements, adult catechesis and Bible Education and building up of good Christian families.


Building up of small Christian communities in all parishes was the aim of our Disease, and as a result of which we were able to establish SCCs in all the Parishes. By sharing the word of God through the Gospel sharing methodology these groups grow in their knowledge and understanding of the word of God, and love to the Risen Lord. Through the sharing of their experience of our Lord in their day-to-day life, these communities learn to pray and deepen their faith, and to bear witness to the Risen Christ.


Being a scattered flock, especially in the up-country, these programmes have given much fruit. These programmes have helped the faithful to broaden their knowledge of Christianity, given them the strength to face various challenges in their lives courageously and helped to prevent our flock from going after various fundamentalists groups and their teachings, and to understand and answer the their challenges and criticisms posed against the catholic church.


Another very important aspect is the establishment of the Diocesan family apostolate. With the firm conviction, that family is the nucleus of the society, His Lordship wanted to establish family units in all our parishes. Various programmes are carried out for children, youth and adults. there are well trained couples in most of our parishes to conduct pre-cana and post-cana programmes. These couples were formed by trained resource persons. In addition to these, various awareness programmes on abortion, divorce, contraception, extra/pre-marital sex, homosexuality, cohabitation, family counseling are also conducted by the family Apostolate.


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A small Christian Community prays together with Christological talks prepared by the Lay Apostolate Centre. These set of talks are known as Alpha course

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